Purchase Terms

The following purchase terms apply for all affiliated partners on this website:

1) With the exception of GNA Distribution, The Genuine Networking Association (GNA) does not own any sites that we are affiliated with. We are strictly affiliates, meaning we have been approved to promote the goods and / or services from these companies for a small compensation per transaction.

2) Besides everything mentioned above in section #1, The Genuine Networking Association (GNA), assumes no responsibility for any goods or services rendered through any of our affiliated partners. Our part only involves referring the public to our affiliated links, including highlighting certain products and special deals.

3) Any customer service issues including returns, wrong products being shipped, wrong services being rendered or any other potential issues that could arise, are the responsibility of the providing company, and NOT The Genuine Networking Association (GNA). Shopping through our affiliate links is no different than buying direct from these companies.

4) Pricing Discrepancies: On occasion, some products listed on our website might display a price slightly higher or lower when redirected to make a purchase on our affiliated company websites. The prices listed on the provider’s website are final. The Genuine Networking Association (GNA) or any of our affiliated companies assume no responsibility for this variance. Again, the final price is listed on the provider’s website and this can’t be changed. SPECIAL NOTE: Sometimes updated pricing data reaches the provider’s website first and not affiliates such as The Genuine Networking Association (GNA). With the enormous amount of products available, it is nearly impossible to perfectly sync pricing data. Please understand that we make the best good faith effort possible to ensure accuracy on all levels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above purchase terms DO NOT APPLY to GNA Distribution, The Genuine Networking Association (GNA)’s Advertising Specialties & Promotional Products Subsidiary. The (GNA) is not an affiliate of GNA Distribution. We actually own this business, so the terms and conditions are different for this particular aspect listed on this website. To view purchase terms for GNA Distribution, please go to http://www.gnadistribution.com and click on the Purchase Terms tab.